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Scoring programs

The Bridgemate Pro scoring system is independent from scoring programs and therefor does not come with a scoring program on its own. Instead, third-party scoring programs can easily interact with Bridgemate and unlock the full potential of the system from within the scoring program. This ensures maximum flexibility in your choice of scoring programs and in many cases you are not required to change to another program. There are various scoring programs available in the market that support Bridgemate and this number is growing steadily.

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Special bundle: Bridgemate + Magic Contest

Although the Bridgemate Pro scoring system is independent from scoring programs, optionally a complete package of Bridgemates and Magic Contest scoring program is available. Magic Contest is a high-quality scoring program for pairs, teams and individual games. The catalogue price of this scoring program is 476 euro including 2-year support, but bundled with Bridgemates it costs 310 euro (pricing excludes any applicable sales tax or VAT). Refer to your Bridgemate distributor for more information on this package. For more information on Magic Contest, see Please note that this package is not available in Norway, Sweden and Austria, in those countries Magic Contest is available through the national bridge federation.

Information for developers

Developers should check out the special developer section at the Bridgemate Support Center for more information on how to integrate Bridgemate in their program. You will relevant information such as developer's guides and example files. Once your program supports Bridgemate, let us know and we will add your program to our listing.