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Bridgemate II

More of everything, except the size.

Bridgemate has evolved. The Bridgemate II has been completely
re-engineered, from the look and feel to its core programming. We've added more than 30 improvements and new features, making life with Bridgemate now even easier for the TD and even more enjoyable for players.

If you're considering introducing the Bridgemate system to your club, you've come at the right time.


A larger LCD screen

(three times the size of the Bridgemate Pro)
with high contrast and large, clear fonts.

Four programmable function keys

Allowing unlimited customisation.


Lighter and better looking

but with the same large buttons, ease of use
and rugged build quality

Easy-clean snap-on cover
and replaceable keypad.


60% more battery life

typically 500 sessions on one pair of AAs




For players:

  • Extensive feedback on competitors' results (shown as traveller or frequency list), and on player's tournament ranking.
  • Movement guide now includes player names, sit-out information and next-round table assignment.
  • Designed for players of all ages: a discrete companion at the table, not an interruption to their game.
  • Enter results easily and intuitively on one screen.

 For tournament directors:

  • Random or fixed table handset allocation and real-time movement synchronisation between the scoring program and the handsets.
  • Update any Bridgemate setting once and transmit to all handsets.
  • Extensive PIN-accessed TD menu provides full control over the system and the tournament.
  • Fewer TD calls as a result of revised and simplified way of entering and confirming scores, and new round recaps.


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