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Bridgemate Play - FAQ for clubs


Can we run two sections on Bridgemate Play?

Currently only one online section on Bridgemate Play is supported. Multiple-section games are on our to-do list.

We don't have a duplication machine to create pre-dealt boards. Can we still play hybrid?

In order to play a true hybrid game, where the online section and face-to-face sections are scored together, all sections must play the same board. This requires pre-dealt boards for the face-to-face sections, and the hand records of these pre-dealt boards are uploaded to Bridgemate Play. If you hand-shuffle the boards in the face-to-face sections, you can still combine online play with face-to-face play, but all sections are scored separately.

How much does Bridgemate Play cost?

See the pricing page for information about Bridgemate Play pricing.

Can we also play online-only?

Yes, it is possible to organise an online-only game with Bridgemate Play. Simply set up one section in your scoring program, start Bridgemate from your scoring program and set that section to your online section in Bridgemate Control Software. Everything is then run automatically. Be sure to keep your computer running and keep the Bridgemate Control Software and your scoring program active to process all the data. No Bridgemate server is required. All player information and scores are processed by your scoring program.

Can we use Bridgemate Play to play with tablets at the club?

Yes, this is possible. The physical location of the online players is irrelevant, so they could be located at the club. If a club prefers to go fully digital and use tablets instead of cards and bidding boxes, Bridgemate Play is a perfect solution.

Which game types and scoring methods are supported?

Currently, pairs scoring, IMP (butler) scoring and cross-IMP scoring are supported. Team games and individual games are not yet supported.

What movement will we play on Bridgemate Play?

Bridgemate Play follows the movement you have selected in your scoring program. You are in total control of the movement.

Can we play barometer on Bridgemate Play?

Yes, make sure you select a barometer movement in your scoring program for the online section.

Can we play Swiss on Bridgemate Play?

That is currently not possible. Bridgemate Play requires a complete movement for the whole game that must be uploaded at the start of the game.

Is kibitzing possible?

No, it is not possible to watch other tables playing except for the tournament director.