Bridgemate Global

How to buy Bridgemate

Through the Bridgemate worldwide distributor network



Find your local Bridgemate distributor. Read more ›


Contact the global office of Bridge Systems. Read more ›

Buying your Bridgemate system

Through a local Bridgemate distributor

Bridgemate is available through a select network of distributors worldwide. In case you are in a country with a local Bridgemate distributor presence, please contact your distributor for personal advice and quotation targeted at your situation. You can find your distributor at the distributor selection page

Through Bridge Systems global head office

When your club is based in a country which is not covered by our distributor network, Bridgemates are available from the global head office of Bridge Systems in The Netherlands. We have agreements with international express couriers and are able to ship worldwide at attractive rates and ship weekly Bridgemate products all over the world. Contact us for more information and pricing.

Buying Bridgemate credits

See the Bridgemate credits ordering page for more information on how to purchase credits for Bridgemate app scoring and Bridgemate Play.