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Support and FAQs

Information for clubs and TDs

Detailed information for clubs how to set up and get started with the Bridgemate app.

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Information for players

Information for players how to install the app, register with a club and get the most out of the app.

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Information for tournament directors

Specific information how to sign up as TD, receive TD-calls in the app and monitor the game's progress. Download TD manual ›


Instruction manuals for clubs and players

Having difficulties setting up the Bridgemate app or want to learn more about how to configure and use the Bridgemate app? Download the manuals for clubs or players and learn everything you need to get the most out of your Bridgemate app.

Manual for clubs
  • Setting up and logging in to your Bridgemate app club account
  • Preparing the Bridgemate Control Software (BCS) with your club details
  • Configuring the behaviour of the Bridgemate app in your club
  • Managing and validating player registrations

Download the Bridgemate app club manual (PDF document)

Manual for players
  • Downloading the app and creating an account
  • Registering with your club
  • Information about app features

Download the Bridgemate app player manual (PDF document)

Manual for tournament directors
  • How to sign up as TD
  • Receive TD-calls in the app
  • Monitor the game's progres

Download the tournament directors manual (PDF document)


Frequently asked questions

FAQ for clubs and TDs

FAQ for players


Version history

Version history of the Bridgemate app and list of revisions