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Features and benefits

The Bridgemate app is a personal add-on for your existing Bridgemate Pro or Bridgemate II scoring system. By using the app, during or directly after the game, you can review your personal game scores, consult your guide card for next round seatings, view current rankings, or see your competitors' scores and hand records for the boards you've just played. The Bridgemate app can also be used to enter scores. Tournament directors can follow the game from their app and receive TD-calls in it, whether they are playing or non-playing TDs.



Personal score sheet

See the scores entered on the Bridgemate live on your smartphone. Lead cards are also displayed, and board percentages are updated continuously.




Rankings are periodically updated in the app throughout the game. As soon as the game ends, final rankings become available.




Your opponents' scores

View your opponents' results on the boards you have played.
A complete overview of contracts with lead cards is displayed.



Hand records

When hand records are available to the Bridgemate system, they are displayed in the Bridgemate app. An overview of makeable contracts, based on double-dummy analysis, is also displayed.



Analysis of your game

Replay your game and analyse the best play using the in-app game analyser. By using double-dummy analysis, the app indicates how each possible card you could play would affect the final board result.

Read a hands-on example of the double-dummy analyser in the Bridgemate app. Example provided by The Bidding Box, Pinecrest, Florida.



Guide card

With the Bridgemate app, your personal guide card is always on hand during the game. You can discover who your opponents are, which table you are playing, and whether or not you have a bye.


Enter scores

Use the Bridgemate app to enter scores. The Bridgemate app can be used as a replacement for Bridgemates or can be combined with Bridgemates in a game. Using Bridgemate app for score entry is an ideal solution when there are not enough Bridgemates or the bridge game is played in various distant locations.

Read more about Bridgemate app score entry



Tournament director features

Using the Bridgemate app helps a tournament director to monitor the game. You can receive TD-calls on your phone with a notification, have access to all boards (non-playing TDs only), and view all rankings and player seatings throughout the game.

For more information about the tournament director features, click here.

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