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Bridgemate hardware -  specifications

Bridgemate Pro
Bridgemate II
Specifications Bridgemate scoring device
Length 17 cm 16 cm
Width 10 cm 9 cm
Height 2 - 5 cm 2 - 3 cm
Weigth 350 gram 250 gram
Battery type 4 x AAA 2 x AA
Battery life aprox. 200 hours aprox. 500 hours
Server connection type
Connection type Serial port 9-pins (USB through converter USB-serial) USB
Data communication
Data transmission type Radio waves Radio waves
Frequency Europe: 868Mhz: US/Australia: 915Mhz Europe: 868Mhz: US/Australia: 915Mhz; Israel: 915-917 Mhz
Typical range 100-150m (open-air), 50-80m (indoor)* 100-150m (open-air), 50-80m (indoor)*